Historic Overdose Deaths Prompt Spero Health to Bring Life Saving Services with the Opening of 2 New Addiction Treatment Clinics in Kentucky

Spero Health opens in Lebanon and Clarkson, KY as more than 93,000 Americans and almost 2,000 Kentuckians fatally overdosed in 2020. This tragic and historic data reflects the urgency of resources needed in local communities to save lives.

Spero Health, a national leader who has helped more than 25,000 patients on their journey to stable recovery from addiction, just announced it is opening 2 new clinics. The Clarkson, KY clinic opened today, October 28th and is located at 720 West Main Street, Suite A, and the Lebanon, KY clinic, projected to open mid-November is located at 305 Koehler Drive. These new clinics join a network of more than 60 Spero Health locations throughout Kentucky, Ohio, Tennessee, Indiana, and Virginia and accept Kentucky Medicaid and most commercial insurance plans. Both clinics are scheduling immediate appointments and individuals who need addiction treatment services are encouraged to walk-in for help or can call: Clarkson location, 270-640-9737 or the Lebanon location, 270-402-8259 for more information or to schedule an appointment.

Spero Health has over 25 clinics in Kentucky and these two new openings within the state target areas that are currently underserved. They are in-line with organizational plans and commitments to continue to expand regionally to meet the needs of individuals and communities who have been significantly impacted by drug addiction. “Kentucky was one of the hardest hit states last year seeing over a 50% increase in unintentional drug overdose deaths caused by a rise in illicit fentanyl and other very dangerous and potent drugs. These numbers are a somber reminder that our work to reach those struggling with substance use disorder needs to be swift and comprehensive. It is critical our communities have local resources giving them immediate access to addiction treatment services, now more than ever, it’s simply a matter of life and death,” said Steve Priest, CEO of Spero Health.

Speaking about services at Spero Health, David Hayden, Senior VP of Clinical Services, said, “Our priority is to meet individuals where they are, and tailor a treatment plan to address specific and unique needs. Treatment plans include a combination of counseling, recovery support and physician services, utilizing FDA approved addiction treatment medications such as suboxone and vivitrol. It is vital that we continue to make connections with those that want help, and that we are innovative, responsive, and adaptive in delivering our services. The use of telehealth is one way we do this so that our patients can have virtual appointments from anywhere they are. The opening of the Lebanon and Clarkson clinics gives individuals who may have been driving a further distance to one of our other clinics, the ability to receive services closer to home.”