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Teresa M.

A counselor makes the difference

For Teresa, a mother of four, it was counseling at Spero Health that ended her hopelessness and changed her life.

After being injured in a car wreck when she was 28, she was prescribed Vicodin. Soon, she become addicted. “It was a sort of Band-Aid for my problems,” she said.

After looking into several programs and finding them unaffordable, Teresa was referred to Spero Health by a neighbor. She believes counseling has been the most significant factor in her recovery. “Before Spero Health, I felt hopeless, I felt very defeated,” she said. “The counseling program at Spero Health is amazing and so helpful. It’s like being part of a family. I have overcome so much in my life since starting there.”

‘You feel like you can achieve anything’

One counselor in particular, Rachel, has made the biggest impact. “When you go to counseling with Rachel, it’s different than any other experience. You feel like you can achieve anything,” Teresa said. “I approach my life with the tools that Rachel taught us.”

Life now is far better for Teresa. She is a homemaker and enjoys spending lots of time with her kids, watching movies, doing arts and crafts, taking walks and “playing cheesy board games.”

Teresa is quick to recommend Spero Health to others. “I tell them it’s the best place if you truly want to recover,” she said. “I tell them the counseling can change their lives. Rachel makes you look forward to counseling. She makes you dig deep into your addiction so you can truly start your recovery. I feel like she is with me every step of the way.”