George P.

Accountability has been his ally

George was put on pain medication after a sickness when he was 15. Ten years later, his doctor stopped prescribing pills for him, so he had to find them on the streets. Now in his forties, he is finally overcoming his battle with addiction.

“I hid it from my family, my girlfriend, and I couldn’t keep a job,” he said. “I didn’t think I could ever beat it.”

He tried a treatment program in Columbus, Ohio, but admits that he “didn’t give it a serious attempt.” Fortunately, a friend had been receiving treatment at Spero Health and encouraged George to seek help there.

One of the key elements of Spero Health’s approach is holding patients accountable through counseling, medication counts, urine drug testing and prescription monitoring, which George found particularly beneficial. “I think the close monitoring made me do well,” he said. “They have worked with me to help me get where I am today.”

A new life

Through treatment, George has been able to completely turn his life around. He has a good job as a mechanic, he’s studying electrical engineering and is about to buy a house. He sees a much better life ahead for himself and his family, which includes two daughters and a newborn boy.

“I can see the end of this in my future,” said George, talking about his addiction, “and before I didn’t think I could ever get clean.”

For those suffering from substance use disorder, treatment won’t always be easy, but George offers advice based on his experience with Spero Health. “Stick with it,” he said. “It will be worth it when you make progress, and you will be proud of yourself. If I can do it, anyone can!”