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Zach B.

Honesty leads to recovery

The severity of the drug problem that took hold of Zach’s life can be expressed with one figure: $1,000. That’s how much he was spending on drugs every day.

He had just been discharged from the Navy, with no job and no place to live, when he turned to drugs. After unsuccessfully trying to fight his addiction — and even spending time in jail — Zach called Spero Health. A representative, Cheree, spent more than an hour on the phone with him.

“I’ve been on the pills for so long, I just couldn’t get myself to stop for one day,” said Zach. “But after talking with Cheree and seeing how sincere she was, I just took a chance.”

Helping himself and others

Zach believes that the emphasis on honesty in the Spero Health program has made the difference for him. “Honesty was not always my strong suit,” he said. “I’ve regained relationships that are everything to me from being in an honest program.”

In fact, he just celebrated his son’s first birthday, and he has received invaluable support from his fiancé. “If not for her, I would not be here,” he said.

Being in group therapy made Zach realize that drugs do not discriminate against anyone. “I wasn’t the only one who had a bad a drug problem; there are people out there who have it even worse,” he said. “I also realized I can actually contribute to helping others while helping myself.” He recently became an AA sponsor.

One piece of advice he offers: don’t put a time frame on your recovery. “Let the cards fall where they may, and deal with them one day at a time.”