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Brettney T.

Instead of prison, she got her life back

Brettney’s story of opioid addiction begins like so many others — she had no idea what she was getting into. “I started with recreational use and was unaware that I could become physically or mentally dependent on prescription medication,” she said. “Before I knew it, I was.”

A single mother of three, Brettney was able to hide her addiction for two years, but after that, her habit cost her everything she had. She hit rock bottom when she faced 20 years in prison. “I was helpless and hopeless,” she said. “I wanted to quit using, but the physical and mental withdrawal was something I could not fight through alone. I knew I wanted help, I just didn’t know where to begin.”

Patient and mother

Brettney found Spero Health online. “They gave me the tools I needed to be successful, and I used them,” she said. “I was still able to be a mother to my children and carry on with my life while receiving drug treatment. I also felt safe and comfortable from the start.”

She also learned that it’s okay if you don’t feel strong enough to fight addiction on your own. “These people will help you until you find the strength,” she said.

Today, Brettney says her life is completely different. She works as an adult peer support specialist at a family care wellness center, and she enjoys hiking, kayaking and all things outdoors, especially with her kids. “I do not feel as though a pill controls my life every day,” she says. “I control it.”

She also shares her experiences to help others addicted to opioids. “I used to be ashamed of myself and my story,” says Brettney. “Today, I help people find hope. I live for my recovery and for others seeking recovery.”