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Austyn C.

She found a program that works

For Austyn, her addiction started with an MRI when she was 18. It showed that she had sciatica in her lower spine. Even though she came from a family that was prone to addiction, she took the oxycodone and methadone her physician readily prescribed for her.

Soon, what Austyn calls her “addictive personality” took over. Each month, she would find her pill bottles empty sooner than expected, forcing her to turn to street drugs such as heroin, cocaine and other hard narcotics that were cheaper and more accessible.

At the time her addiction began, she was working two jobs and was training to take over her father’s business. She had a car, a home and a one-year-old. Then she lost custody of her daughter, and drugs completely took over her life. She overdosed twice.

Counseling makes the difference

To help wean her off opioids, her pain management physician simply prescribed Suboxone, which helps relieve withdrawal symptoms. But it was not enough. “I had no knowledge of Suboxone, and there was no counseling or treatment plan in place with my physician,” she said. “I am not surprised this failed me.”

Finally, she was referred to Spero Health. “The staff is friendly and supportive and helped me in the road to recovery,” she said. “Spero Health is different because of the counseling staff as well as the supportive mental and physical components of a program that works.”

Today, she is a mother of three studying to be a teacher. She has reconnected with the daughter she lost and is fighting for custody. “Since treatment, my goals are attainable and realistic,” she said, “and I now have the skills to succeed in a drug-free lifestyle.”