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Kristina J.

Treatment helped rebuild her family

For Kristina, it started with a breakup with her boyfriend. Then she lost custody of her two oldest daughters and her life spiraled downward from there.

“I tried to get it together but felt it was too late,” she said. “I lost my parents and felt I had nothing to offer my children.” Without hope, she turned to drugs.

Things improved a bit for Kristina when she met her fiancé, but he, too, struggled with addiction. They lost custody of their first child together after Kristina failed a drug test, and they were forced to move four times in one year. Later, during a bout with kidney stones, Kristina turned to pain pills once again. She was pregnant, and the couple lost custody of the baby weeks after she was born.

Ironically, they discovered Sprero Health while driving to buy pain pills from a dealer. “My fiancé saw the sign, and something told him to stop,” she said. “Little did we know that would be the first step in our journey to recovery.”

‘You’re not alone’

Once they began treatment, they were determined to change their lives and get their children back. The counselors at Spero Health were particularly helpful. “They were always willing to support and encourage,” Kristina said. “They’re amazing people, very caring. And they always made you feel like you’re not alone.”

She said Spero Health helped them manage triggers and cravings to live sober. They were also able cut ties with people who were bad influencers in their lives.

Today, Kristina and her fiancé have a stable residence and custody of all three of their children — their youngest was born after they began recovery at Spero Health.

“Now I can be the best version of me that I can be,” said Kristina. “Thank you, Spero Health, you saved me.”