Take Action Now: Medicaid Redetermination Could Affect Your Coverage

In the event that Medicaid is unable to contact you due to outdated contact information, it could result in a loss of coverage which means they will not cover healthcare services or medication cost at the pharmacy. Thus, it is crucial that you ensure your information is accurate and up to date by contacting Medicaid directly. Taking this step will help to avoid any potential issues with your coverage and ensure that you continue to receive the healthcare benefits you need.

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What is Medicaid Redetermination and why is it happening?

If you have a Medicaid plan from your state, you may need to renew it to keep your health coverage. This is called redetermination. It’s done every year, but some people haven’t had it done since 2020 because of COVID-19. Now, states have to start doing it again to make sure people are still eligible for Medicaid.

What do I do to get ready to renew my Medicaid eligibility?

You may be asked to provide information to help review your Medicaid eligibility. To get ready, there are a few important things to know – and actions you can take.

Here’s what to know:

  1. State Medicaid agencies will likely contact you by mail and/or email.
  2. Watch for mail or an email about Medicaid renewal.

Here’s what you can do:

  1. Make sure your address, phone number and other contact information is up to date with your state Medicaid agency.
  2. If you get a request or renewal packet from your state Medicaid agency, be sure to answer by the date it says on your packet.

How is Spero Health helping their patients through the Medicaid redetermination process?

State resource guides are available to assist you through the Medicaid redetermination process. If you’re a patient seeking to maintain your Medicaid coverage and have questions, reach out to a Spero Health team member today or find your state’s resources below.

Indiana Medicaid Resources

Visit the FSSA Benefits Portal or call (800) 403-0864.

Kentucky Medicaid Resources

Visit the Kentucky Health Benefit Exchange or call (855) 459-6328.

Tennessee Medicaid Resources

Visit TennCare Connect or call (855) 259-0701.

Ohio Medicaid Resources

Visit the Ohio Benefits Program or call (844) 640-6446.

Virginia Medicaid Resources

Visit CommonHelp or call Cover Virginia at (855) 242-8282.

West Virginia Medicaid Resources

Update your contact information with the Bureau of Medical Services at (304) 558-1700 or call your local Department of Health and Human Resources office.

To update your address: