Spero Health Blog: Navigating Life While in Recovery

It’s easy to believe that getting sober will fix many things, but that isn’t always the case. During recovery you might face difficulties with education, employment, housing, health care and other areas that are important to maintaining progress in your recovery.

The good news is that you are strong enough to work through this season and we have a few tips to help you adapt to and navigate life while being in recovery.

1. Selectively- Choose Who You Surround Yourself With – You may have to adjust to friends, family members or co-workers seeing you in a new light. It’s critical that you surround yourself with community that will support you in this new season and sometimes that means removing unhealthy community from your past life.

2. Know Your Triggers- Most relapses occur within the first six months after treatment. Identify your triggers so that you can better guard yourself against them when life gets tough.

3. Find new Hobbies- It’s not uncommon to feel boredom, stress, and anxiety during recovery. It’s important to find new ways to cope and entertain yourself. Use this opportunity to explore a new hobby! Some examples are taking a new fitness class, playing sports, volunteering with a local non-profit, or learning to play a new instrument.

4. Continuing Support- Continuing support is necessary to help with recovery and managing life’s stresses. This could be joining different social groups that celebrate sobriety, going to individual therapy, and regular mental health check-ups with your provider.

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