New Spero Health Addiction Treatment Clinic Opens in Warren

A new Spero Health addiction treatment facility opened Tuesday in Warren. Due to COVID-19, health experts say there is a growing need for addiction treatment services.


A new Spero Health addiction treatment facility opened in Warren on Tuesday.

Due to COVID-19, health experts say there is a growing need for addiction treatment services. 
Shawn Halverstadt, Spero Health Counselor, said Spero Health offers many programs including doctor appointments, behavioral health counseling and recovery management. 

“If a patient needs to be seen immediately,” said Halverstadt, “they can walk right in and someone would be willing to see them for an assessment.”

Spero’s mission is to save lives, instill hope and restore relationship’s for those they treat. 

“We are providing a life-saving treatment to those who need it the most,” said Chasity Chamberlin, Spero Health Facility Administrator. “Instilling hope is a huge part of a persons about the recovery.”

The addiction facility offers in-person or over the phone sessions. 

“We help the patient get reintegrated back into the community with jobs and family,” Halverstadt said.

Spero Health accepts Ohio Medicaid and most commercial insurance plans. 

“We really focus on providing services to help treat the whole person and not just the addiction piece,” Chamberlin said.

Halverstadt said 93% of Spero Health patients said the services at the facility benefited their addiction recovery process. 

The new facility is located at 552 N. Park Ave. in Warren.

Individuals who need addiction treatment or know someone who does can call Spero Health at 234-243-3127 for more information.