Spero Health Celebrating Recovery Month with High NPS Scores Reflecting World Class Services

BRENTWOOD, Tenn.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Spero Health, a national leader who has helped more than 23,000 patients on their journey to stable recovery from addiction, announced today that the organization earned a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 82.1 among patients in their outpatient addiction treatment program. The high score is considered “world class” based on global NPS standards. The score was a result of an organization wide survey that focused on obtaining patient feedback in its commitment to delivering the best patient experience and life-saving care to those struggling with addiction. NPS data collected also showed 99% of patients reported that they believe Spero Health teammates care about them as a person. These numbers demonstrate Spero Health’s dedication to delivering exceptional patient care in a positive, rewarding environment that promotes compassion and respect, even in light of the challenging COVID-19 pandemic.

n 2020, drug overdose deaths rose by 30%. The Centers of Disease Control (CDC) estimates the number of deaths to be 93,331 compared to 72,151 recorded in 2019. This can largely be contributed to interrupted treatments, isolation, and stress from the on-going pandemic. “An industry-leading NPS score of 82.1 is significant and is a strong reflection of our culture and tremendous recognition for all of our treatment and support teams, who consistently go above and beyond to meet the needs of our patients. Human beings are wired to connect with one another. Research shows social support and meaningful relationships are integral to someone’s wellbeing promoting positive results in recovery. Our most recent data revealing that 99% of our patients feel cared for by our team explains why thousands have been successful in their recovery journey with us,” said Steve Priest, Spero Health CEO. “We can’t just stop there, the new data from the CDC underscores how urgent and critical the need is in all communities across the United States. Now more than ever individuals must have immediate access to local, affordable, high-quality care. The results of this survey are a vote of confidence in our strength as an organization and the life-changing results seen in our treatment program no matter the circumstances, and we are set to bring that to more people in more places as quickly as possible.”

Spero Health released this data as they kick off a month’s long celebration in communities across the organization as part of National Recovery Month which occurs every September. During this month, government agencies, stakeholders, and communities – partner with individuals in recovery and their families to celebrate progress, educate the public, and combat stigma surrounding mental health and substance use disorders.