Spero Health Expands Addiction Treatment with New Boardman Center to Reach More People

(WKBN) – As we remember that September is National Recovery Month, we also want to remember the clinics helping people through their recovery during times that are tougher than normal.

A new addiction treatment center in Warren is answering the call to help those battling addiction — a group of people who have especially been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Chasity Chamberlin, faculty administrator for Spero Health, described in more detail the spike in patients they’ve served.

“We’ve seen an increase of overdoses. We’ve also seen an increase of patients seeking services because services have been limited. People having access to services has definitely been a challenge,” Chamberlin said.

That lack of access inspired the clinic to expand its treatment center from Warren to Boardman.

“The level of addiction and drug use that we see vary from patient and area to area, so what we see in Warren is not the same as what we would see in Boardman,” Chamberlin said.

On top of expansion, Chamberlin said they had to update their practice model to find ways to be more available to patients.

“We have been offering telehealth services to make sure people have access to treatment and can get the help that they needed when they need it,” Chamberlin said.

The social isolation and disconnection that we’re all facing takes a toll on humans.

So, through counseling and support, Chamberlin expressed how important it is for the health center to provide these services for those in need.

“We’ve identified that need and we’ve answered the call and we just want to be here to help not only those with substance use disorder but the community as a whole,” Chamberlin said.

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