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Addiction Treatment Help in Lexington, Kentucky with Spero Health

According to the latest data by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, More than 81,000 died from drug overdoses from May 2019 to 2020, according to figures from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention — the largest number of overdose deaths recorded in a single year. Kentucky reported a 22% spike in deaths. Lexington, KY experienced a 54% increase in drug related deaths during this same time frame. Spero Health is committed to bringing comprehensive treatment solutions close to home.

Spero Health Inc. is a national leader working on the front lines of the opioid epidemic helping thousands of patients on their journey to stable recovery from addiction. We know there is no one size fits all approach when treating drug and alcohol addiction which is why our team takes an individualized approach with each patient, meeting them where they are in the recovery process.

Our outpatient addiction medicine clinic in Lexington, KY provides evidence-based treatment for addiction to opioids like fentanyl, heroin, and oxycodone, and stimulants like methamphetamine and cocaine. We also provide treatment for alcohol. Our evidence-based approach is effective and incorporates medication-assisted treatment (MAT), along with individual counseling, group therapy, social service support, recovery support, peer support services and work on co-occurring disorders.  For those struggling with substance abuse such as opiate addiction, our addiction medicine specialists in Lexington may prescribe a variety of medications including Suboxone® or Subutex® (buprenorphine), Vivitrol® (naltrexone), and many others. Although our treatment clinic doesn’t provide methadone, patients may be referred to methadone treatment or inpatient facilities if needed.


Our Services

  • Physician Visits

    Evidence-based practices, including screenings, personalized recovery plan and FDA approved medications such as Suboxone and Vivitrol

  • Recovery Support

    Helping patients with employment, housing, healthcare, education, recovery skill-building and more

  • Individual and Group Counseling

    Individual and/or group sessions to help patients stick to their recovery plans