Spero Health Opening New Addiction Treatment Clinic in Savannah and Offering Telehealth

Spero Health, a national leader in providing care for individuals struggling with substance use disorders, announced today that it will open a new clinic in Savannah, Tennessee as it continues to respond to the high demand for increased access to addiction treatment services amid the COVID-19 pandemic. The new clinic will bring affordable, high quality care for addiction treatment through a combination of telehealth and in-person visit options. Located at 102 Enoch Boulevard, it is set to open on June 12th. Spero Health, a CARF-accredited, community-based organization operates more than 35 clinics located throughout Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana and Tennessee, and provides care for more than 7,000 patients each month. Spero Health accepts TennCare and most commercial insurance plans. Individuals who need addiction treatment services are encouraged to call: 731-400-4091 for more information or to schedule an immediate appointment.

Savannah is one of multiple clinics Spero Health is opening in Tennessee, Ohio and Virginia over the next few months. When speaking about these new clinics Spero Health’s CEO, Steve Priest said, “The pandemic has impacted so many across this state and our country, but it has been especially challenging for those impacted by addiction. The drug epidemic has been made worse as our communities respond to COVID-19 due to the rise in unemployment, loss of social supports and other psychological distresses and we are seeing an increase in overdose related deaths in communities everywhere. In areas like Savannah it is critical for people to have access to life-saving addiction treatment options now more than ever, and we are working very hard to make that happen.”

Tennessee health department officials say demand for opioids such as fentanyl have surged during the COVID-19 outbreak and areas like Memphis, just west of Savannah have seen 700 overdoses and 102 deaths since mid-March. “The recent spike in overdoses in Tennessee is unprecedented and requires an immediate response which is why we have fast tracked the openings of new clinics around the area. Our community friends and family members are dying in record numbers and it is simply unacceptable,” said Priest.

Dr. William Ryan Bartz, who is board-certified in Family Medicine and board-eligible in Addiction Medicine, will be the Medical Director and the lead physician at the Savannah, TN Spero Health clinic. A graduate of the University of Health Sciences College of Medicine in Kansas City, he has years of experience treating individuals with substance use disorders. “Social distancing and lack of supports during this pandemic have really made it challenging for people in recovery. It is critical that we continue to make connections with those that need help and to provide innovative ways to deliver comprehensive services. One of the ways we have adjusted is to make virtual appointments available, giving people the opportunity to have access to addiction treatment services from anywhere. By doing this, we remove barriers to treatment during difficult times and create avenues in which people can get immediate help,” said Bartz.