One of those businesses was a new outpatient care facility for people suffering from addiction. Spero Health opened today on Maple Avenue, and Chief Operating Officer, Edward Littlejohn said Spero Health helps thousands of people monthly.

“Spero Health is one of the largest outpatients addictive treatment companies in the United States. We serve about 6,000 patients on a monthly basis, with 27 clinics and growing, that are in four states currently,” said Littlejohn.

Littlejohn said they take a community-based approach to treat their patients and their mission is to save lives, instill hope, and restore relationships.

“So, we do outpatient addiction treatment for individuals that have substance abuse disorder. So, not only opioids but other types of addictive treatments that we provide as well. Not only opioids but also alcohol and other forms of addictive elicit drugs,” Littlejohn added.

Littlejohn said they welcome everyone into their care, and he said the terrific Spero Health team will help you beat your addiction.