Staying Sober During the Holiday Season

The Holidays can be tough for many people, and it’s not uncommon for individuals going through recovery to face challenges during this time of the year. Environmental stressors can quickly pile up, making it a difficult time of the year to stay sober.

Typically around the holiday season, there might be an abundance of alcohol around you, family situations filled with tension and memories from past seasons. We recognize that more than likely this is difficult to manage. But, we believe that if you are proactive about protecting yourself, that you can successfully stay sober!

We have three tips to help you manage sobriety during the holiday season:

● Plan Ahead and Make Yourself a Priority – The best way to celebrate the holiday season is to take care of yourself. Set boundaries and plan for situations that might be difficult for you. Talk to others in recovery and find out tips for navigating this time of the year.

● Create New Traditions- Celebrate the progress you’ve made in pursuing a sober life and create new traditions focused on healthy living. Many people will participate in holiday 5k’s, host sober festivities or volunteer within the community.

● Avoid Relapse Triggers- This is probably the most difficult season of the year to navigate during recovery. It’s important to be honest with yourself when identifying what parts of the holidays could potentially be relapse triggers and choosing to not participate. It’s ok to put yourself first and say no. The most important thing is continuing your path of sobriety and anything that interferes with that should not be a priority.

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