Blog: Supporting Loved Ones In Recovery During the Holidays

Do you have a friend or family member currently in recovery? This can be a challenging time of the year for them as they are navigating the emotions and potential triggers that come with the holiday season. As a part of their support network, it is important that you are intentional in encouraging them during this time and helping support their decision to live a sober lifestyle. One of the most important things you can do for your loved one in recovery, is to find ways to celebrate the holiday season that are considerate to their recovery process. A couple of things you might consider are:

Creating Intentional Space
It is not uncommon for loved ones in recovery to skip out on large family gatherings. Whatever they decide, try and create intentional space for them. This could include things such as having a place for them to meditate, encouraging them to call their sponsor, bringing them a home cooked meal, etc.

Consider Hosting Sober Holiday Gatherings
We understand that alcohol is common at holiday gatherings. As an act of support, consider choosing to host sober festivities. Alcohol does not have the be the focus of a gathering. Incorporate music, dancing, games, cooking, etc. into your celebrations for some sober fun!

Respect Their Comfort Level with Sharing
The Holidays tend to be a time for family to catch up on one another’s lives. Be conscientious about what your loved one in recovery is comfortable sharing. Don’t ask questions about specifics of their addiction and stay away from any topics that might not be supportive of their recovery journey.

Make sure to let them take the lead when it comes to sharing information about this season of their life, and don’t take it personally if they are not comfortable with sharing.

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