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The Fentanyl Crisis in our Communities

“Fentanyl is the single deadliest drug threat our nation has ever encountered,” said DEA Administrator Anne Milgram.  “Fentanyl is everywhere.  From large metropolitan areas to rural America, no community is safe from this poison.  We must take every opportunity to spread the word to prevent fentanyl-related overdose death and poisonings from claiming scores of American… Read More

5 Steps to Overcoming Relapse in Addiction Recovery

It is not uncommon for individuals in recovery to relapse. Just because you might have relapsed does not mean that you’ve failed your recovery. It’s important to fight past the frustration and have a concreate plan in place on how you’re going to get back on track. Prioritize Finding Support: When going through seasons of… Read More

Spero Health Brings Relief for Addiction and Lifesaving Care to Thousands in 2022

In 2022 Spero Health expanded with over 25 new clinics in communities throughout Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, Tennessee, Virginia and West Virginia, and successfully launched its new virtual care platform making them one of the largest outpatient addiction treatment organizations in the country with over 95 clinics. BRENTWOOD, Tenn.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Spero Health, a national leader who has helped… Read More

Preparing for Sobriety in the New Year

It’s hard to believe that 2023 is right around the corner! For those of you that began your recovery journey in 2022, we are so proud of you! We understand that New Years Eve can be a challenging holiday for people in recovery, as there may be a greater temptation to use substances or engage… Read More

Blog: Supporting Loved Ones In Recovery During the Holidays

Do you have a friend or family member currently in recovery? This can be a challenging time of the year for them as they are navigating the emotions and potential triggers that come with the holiday season. As a part of their support network, it is important that you are intentional in encouraging them during… Read More

Spero Health Blog: Tips for Coping With Relapse Triggers

While in recovery, it is important to understand the threat of relapse and take active steps to combat relapse triggers. Relapse can occur when a person returns to using drugs or alcohol after a period of sobriety and typically occurs after a trigger. Triggers are difficult emotions, feelings or experiences that challenge one’s ability to… Read More